Yess, I have been in a phase of nostalgia since a pretty while….and yess this whole realisation thing trully crashed upon me badly….its not like you don’t already knoww, but its like you knew that it would happen one day or another but that one day came too sooner than realisation could dawn upon😔

Each passing day had something in store for me. Somedays were good and made me smile, and would be cherished for an eternity to come….While there were other days that were troublesome, brought grief and wishes that they would pass sooner. But day by day the days passed and here we come towards the closing chapter of this phase of life.

I still remember the day I first stepped in here….everything new, a new world, new people, all strangers, new life…..and leaving my people behind at home was the biggest trauma of that time…..and I remember wishing each day for this new thing to end sooner so that I could again be a part of my home asap.

Each time I used to go home on weekends or for vacays, I would wish that I did not have to return back to this place away from home. Parents would sit and countdown the time left for me to return back home.

Soon time passed, this shit place that used to be a trouble for life, became a bliss to be. A routine. Another home. My place. Our place. Strangers becoming friends. My people. People whom you cannot imagine life without. And soon I developed a love kind of thing for this place. 4 years of bond that we hold with place is something that just does not need words for.

And then suddenly….One fine day, it dawns upon you on how fast time flies….all these years that you thought were too long to handle, just flied past leaving only a few months in hand. It just crashes upon you that this life that you lived for the longest period of time would soon end in a couple of months. Just a few countable months….😔

Life would definitly not come to an halt, it will still continue, all of us will continue to live a life….But everything would change. Each one of us would have a new life, a different world, a new atmoshpere, new people….and soon this very thing, this place, the people, everything, every damn thing that we’ve cursed for the longest of time and have waited everything to end – would end.

And very soon, one fine day, with the happiness of completing our studies here, most awaited moment would arrive, when its time to return home, where our families have been waiting for us to return for so long. We would pack up our bags and leave for our homes, glad to be back to our places….But with the realisation…that this time we will not have to pack our bags again, mumma will not have to pack food again, no wprries for college, we would not return back again…..its just over.

I don’t know whether I have been hyping the whole nostalgic thing or whether everybody else is also sharing the same feeling with me…..but all I know is that this place has given me so much in the last 4 years….uncountable things, cherishable memories, immense happiness, experiences to last lifelong, new relations, longlasting love, so many good friends, a few enemies as well, new treasures, new lessons….and so much moreee unlistable.

Its like the day we entered here, we were so little, immature, childish, still in the teenage…..but the day we step out, we would be a totally different being, mature, adult, grown ups.

Time is trully a powerful thing indeed….it just changes everything….everything would change soon….grasp time, live the moment, make memories, create experiences….time is passing faster day by day….just make use of it such that the day you leave this place, you are proud…. “Yessss I lived my life to the fullest

Everything would change the moment we step out of here….each one of us would have a different life….some would go abroad, some to their native places….some would get engaged to their books, some would get married….people who say they would miss you, might never call you back….those who say they would meet you, might get along….people who say ‘you are their only’, might find better alternatives….those who promised to be with you for lifetime, might last longer than infinity….people who say you as the bestest of friends, might not even recognise you later….those who have holded hands till now might hold still even better….so many possibilities, so many thingss.

But…..the time is still in hand….make use of it to the fullest….live a king size life….gather time before it slips out of hand….!!!!

So…..while we still have time….enjoy with your friends, spend time with your bae, make precious memories, strengthen bonds, repair those that have been long broken, laugh, have fun, go crazyyyy, make a bucket list and go fulfilling it, go out on adventures, do the undone, study hard too (very important😛), but make fun out of each little moment that can be….kya ptaa….kal ho na ho😊

And though… is not a fairytale….but….we…. can make life magical with happiness, love amd memories….🤘🏻😊

Run fast before time runs outtt…..the countdown has already begun….!!!!


New beginnings😊

Here comes a new day….new energy, new opportunities, new beginnings, and new everything😊

Each passing day gets us closer to our dreams….it gives us another chance to do things the new way😊

There are days in life….some that make you happy, others that make you sad, some that motivate you to move towards your dreams, others that make you feel the worst….And yess….life is a roller coster….with its own highs n lows, ups and downs.

Being a child, I always wondered, why life cannot be stable?? Why it cannot be constant during the happier times and trullyy fast during the bad times so that contact with tough times becomes lesser.

Eventuallyy, I realised the importance of tough times in life. Had life been stable, woudn’t it have been boring??


So the next time you would have been happy, you would have taken happiness for granted….saying “aahhh, whats new….its like alwayss….nothing different“😞

The lows of life, make us tough, resistant, experienced, teaches a lesson, motivates, pushes us towards our goals, giving an ability to wait for the clouds to disappear before there is a clear sky….and thats when we know what happiness matters in life. The next time the ups appear, you know you are lucky enough to be happy😊

My mother always taught, that there always has to be ups n downs in life, its the sign you are alive….because a straight line in ECG means dead….!!

So, never curse the lows, don’t be sad, keep yourself up, stay motivated, think less, act more, set up your goals and tread the path that leads you towards your dreams….and happiness will soon arrive without notice😊

After a dark stormy night, where I was so scared of the thunders and the rain lashing at the window pane scared me to my gut…. I waited for it to end….eagerly

The first ray of sun, that reached upon me and touched my skin, blessed me with light,telling its a new day and gave me the strength to deal with another stormy night if it arrives….😊

And the new morning brings us so much new😊

A brand new day, a fresh start, new plans for fulfilling dreams, and the new things in life that you had never dreamt could ever happen.

One should never forget, that god always has the best plans for each of us….things that appear rosy today, that you have grown up to live with, may be just the appetizer….the whole buffet awaits with the dessert waiting for u to reach up😊

So, trust the lord for the whole process😊….afterall….its not easy to control lives throughout the world no….he will soon reach to u😛😛

Jokes apart, trust the process, it will lead out the best for you😊

And….never let your past affect your present or future…..learn from the past, apply it in your present, and make your future the mirror of what you dream😊😊

Life is not difficult, its just complex, its like twigs intertwined with each other😊 if you try opening it impatiently you would end up breaking the twigs of life and harming your hands by the thorns….just be calm, be patient, use brain, take your heart along, now when you try opening up the twigs, you will be able to have intact strands seperately without any harm….😊

So for life to be gentle upon you, you need to be gentle on life😊

And just trust the whole process😊

And…..never ever even in the darkest of times stop having faith in yourself….self faith is the light that must always be lit within, it warms you up on cold nights, guides you when you go directionless, calms you down on sleepless nights and it is what helps you dream for better times😊

Just smile and look at the rough patches in life in eye and say “hahh….now you run for your lifee…. I am not afraid anymore😊”

Anddd……expect the unexpected…..!!!!

Sometimes, the good things may turn up most unexpectedly in life….so expect the unexpected🤗

Its because surprises are never told😛😛 Its a rule no….how can god break the rule🤗 (….ssshhhh……its a surprise😉😉 act as if you don’t know😜😆)

So you just need to wait for your surprise and be happy and feel lucky when you get one🤗 and recieve it with the hugest smilee😊

Never forget dear, to always smile no matter what may come, your smile might be the reason of existence for your loved ones😊

So….wake up sleeping beauties…..its a new day waiting for each of us with lots of surprises….🤗 lets go and rock it🤘🏻😛

And don’t forget to thank god for giving a life like no one else….and also….go hug and thank your parents for this life, for their love and support always❤

And last but not the least, life may not be a fairytale, but its no less than a dream either, only if we remember that time and destiny are major things that determine what our life is going to be😊

A better life awaits for you….something that you deserve😊

Go enjoy the new beginnings😊😊

Wish you a happy new day😊😊


Time is precious….⏲

Time….just looks so harmless….it ticks past moment by moment…getting you through another day, then another and another….and in the middle of the hustle and bustle of our lives….we never realise the value of time….of how precious it is….each and every moment….!!!!

I remember reading a poem during my childhood days….which has taken its place in heart since the very first day I read it….. it goes down like….

And this poem….its just amazing….with a little words it just yells upon the fact that time may look harmless yet it is extremely powerful….it can make a person or break one… just merely depends on how wise a person is to value a moment.

Because you never think that the last time is the last time, you think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you dont….!!!!

Each time I pass in front of my school, I feel nostalgic of the wonderful childhood days….all moments so beautiful….the friends I could never imagine my life without n wish could some day reunite again….those classmates who were just annoying pieces of shit but made school bearable….those teachers who would come to speak in classes in god knows what language which made no sense, and to yell at us, and only to make us wish that she left a bit sooner….😂😂 and those long assemblies with the principal just sucking the brains out of innocent students….😂😂 then, bunking classes, backbitching, eating lunch in between classes, submitting projects a week later than the last day of submission….and so much more.

From the very day I was left at the school, with me crying in my parents arms…. “school nai jaana….😭” to the last day of school….everything is just so memorable….that was just a time….never did we realise that those few years would give us lifetime of memories….😍

And then walking into another yet a very important phase of life….I remember walking in through the gates of college, tears rolling down my cheeks, because home’s a bliss, family eternal love, and imagining even a day without them was impossible….feeling homesick and running back home every few days…..classmates again shit, hostel a prison, lectures suffocating, college an unknown planet….😂😂

And then time passed by….and I realised what a beautiful journey this is….and how a few years later….each and every day spent here would make my eyes moist with nostalgia and my heart warm with the beautiful memories….😍

Never did I realise that how soon this prison turned into second home, the shitty classmates a family, lectures worth remebering, teachers that annoy even today but would be remembered later….how this place gave me new bonds, new connections, new friendships, new love, new hopes, new life and brand new memories to cherish for lifetime❤

Thus, dear friends….time is too short….it will just run away in the blink of an eye….day by day, days will pass, years will pass away leaving only memories in hand….and regrets to have been able to live those moments once again….why wait for that regret to arrive when you still have this moment in hand….

“The thing is, you won’t know its the last time, until there are no more times….and even then, it will take a while for you to realise it. So, while you are living in these times,remember there are only so many of them, and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them. For one last time….

Just live in the moment. No matter what the circumstances are, however hard the life is, how ever tough the time may be….just live every piece of it. Make good memories to cherish throughout life… that when you remember them years later, they leave tears of happiness in your eyes and not the tears of grief….😊

Life is travelled once, today’s moments become tomorrow’s memories. Enjoy every moment, good or bad, because the gift of life is a life itself.

And my dear friends, since Life is no fairytale, there are no fairy godmothers to make you return back in time….live in today, as there may be no tomorrow….kal ho na ho….!!

Dream as if you will live forever, Live as if you will die tomorrow….!!!!😊


Mind v/s heart

Ever since I gained consciousness about the world I have grown up living in….there has always been an ongoing tussle between my heart and my mind. And this my friends has always been the most difficult decision to make.

I wonder whether there exists even a single person who has never been a part of this grand tournament between two parts of the same body….not ready to work in harmony with each other😁

It just feels like, I have spent more than half my life trying to decide whether I should be feeling with the heart or thinking with the mind. And never have I been able to conclude this fight to decide upon the winner.

So….just recently, one fine evening….after having spent long hours of thinking, spending a couple of sleepless nights with a clogged brain, analyzing life -the past, the present and the future….I thought and thought and thought even more.

I was just going through a flashback of memories….when I came across incidents when I regret choosing my mind over my heart….and at times heart over my mind. Its like very very very difficult to choose.

Can we never have a moment of bliss, where the heart and the mind sighs together…. “Good Job Dear….!!!!” 🤗

Yess….there are times when ur heart is blind. The moments when u feel and ur feelings weigh more than ur thoughts. When u feel selflessly. When everything feels so right. So true.

These are those precious moments when u love ur family selflessly even though how tough they are on you, when u love someone despite of how harsh and ignorant they can be with ur feelings and ur presence, when u love ur friends irrespective of how they misuse u and cheat u, when you do something just to see a smile on the face of a person, when u do something just to fulfill a few promises despite of how difficult they are and…..when u love ur life even when u hate it so much !

Why are there no moments when we just don’t regret. About things we did or about those which we didn’t….My friends….never regret the moment which made u smile….its just such an injustice to the happiness it gave u. Neither regret the moments which made u cry….cz they made u what u are today….🤗

At moments when the heart is blind, to think, to sense the wrong, to analyse situations and act accordingly….there is always an active mind which sees everything, listens to stuff around, thinks about self respect, analyses and then commands the heart to act accordingly. And this is the point of the whole fight. Between the right and the wrong. The good and the bad. The benefit and the loss.

So what should be done?? Let the heart rule or the mind?? Think or feel??

After a lot of brain storming sessions I just came to a conclusion….that when u need to decide something….when u have seen things go wrong and out of stride….act smartly.

Analyze whether the thing is worth such a huge tussle. Whether u really need all this?? Weigh the good and the bad. The pros and the cons. Once you have weighed all the matter ur mind collected. Now its time for ur heart to work.

Close ur eyes. Keep ur palm on ur heart. Feel it. Talk to it. And do what ur strong gut feelings asks u to do. Follow ur instincts. And just do what ur heart says u to do….that will be the best choice for u…!!!!

Regrets….my dear friends….regrets don’t arise from the mind….it arises from the heart….Its easy to make up ur mind, but convincing ur heart is the hardest part….!!!!

And lastly, definitly its good to listen to ur heart, but what matters is the right time. Once time passes away, even listening to ur heart is in vain.

Act fast dear before the moment becomes a memory….because life is no fairytale….it gives u chances more than u deserve….but once its gone, its gone….there would be no fairy godmother who would get u back in time to correct the events…. 😊

So njoy life….and keep listening what ur heart tells u….thats the voice of god….❤



We all know what connections are….

Connections are bonds that are formed heart to heart

Connections….One that we have with our mothers when we are too little and still a part of her body, other that we have congenitally with our families, other which develops over time by knowing people, by spending quality time with them, by weighing their good and bad, which includes our buddies. But still, there are another type of connections, not listed yet….

There are some connections that are meant to be….that clicks u in the mind that yess there is something unexplainable about it !!

This last type is very rare to be found. May be found once in a lifetime or may be not at all. Depends upon how lucky u are😉

It does not matter whether u get a chance to feel such a connection or not….but the important thing is, once u have got it, whether u can hold on this precious bond or not….

It is actually very difficult to explain how this connection feels like….bcz its jz something amazing….something unexplainable😊

Its like, u jz don’t know who the person in front of u is. Strangers totally. Uv never met before. But yet, the moment destiny brings this person in front of u, it feels like u have known each other for ages.

The moment u feel the connection within, u know deep inside, this is an Important Person. U may not be able to figure out how….but u know it is.

All u know is….This is the person who, u dont know how, is different from the crowd.

Once this connection is discovered, this person jz clicks u in the mind….u crave for their company….u like being around them….everything seems so right. So perfect. Their aura is so warming, so comforting, so secure. They understand u in a way no one else does. It feels like this is a solution to every problem in life. Like this is something that was destined to be😇

Such beautiful connections are like addiction….the more u take, the more u crave for….the instant u try to withdraw, u will know what withdrawl symptoms feel like😜

Jokes apart….

Jz like it is very difficult to find one, it is even more difficult to escape one. So its better, to value such true and rare connections. Hold on to it. Dont let it go.

Value it, feel it, enjoy it, make memories, cherish moments….because life may not be generous enough to make u feel it twice….!!

Life is too short to think about the future….this is the moment. Present is the moment. Njoy it. Live it. Jz leave destiny to do its own work….ur job is to live life to the fullest….😉

And….if u have not been lucky enough to have felt this connection till yet….don’t forget to keep looking for it….it will definitly turn up someday at the most unexpected moment….🤗

Keep a watch, this Important Person may be anybody….a guy in ur class, a girl u live with, a guy next door, a colleague, a long lost friend, a person at a family gathering….It may be ANYBODY…. jz keep ur eyes open😉

Though, life is not a fairy tale….but yess….magic does exist😉 jz wait for it to happen😊


Expecting & Accepting

Everytime I go through some quotes or flip through the pages of magazines or read blogs or articles by the most successful and talented people on this earth….one thing that I come across most often is a very well known saying ” Expectations hurt….!!!!”

They say the problem is “expectations hurt” … the best solution ever discovered by the most intelligent breeds of humans is “do not expect anything from anyone”

Yes, I do not deny the fact that expectations hurt. I have grown up learning that expectations and pain are directly proportional to each other. More u expect, the more u get hurt.

So is this equation a solution for most of the problems in our lives?

I don’t know…. I doubt….my mind questions this phrase. No, I do not intend to question the intelligence of people who gave this most clichè advice.

My mind says….Is it not a general human tendency to expect from life, from people who turn up in our lives, from situations that makes each chapter of life worth reading, from ourselves because in the end we have to be answerable to our ownselves?

No, its not true expectations do not hurt. The truth is over expectations hurt. Never forget…. excess of everything is bad indeed….!!!!

Its very gradual for expectations to develop. Ur expectations start developing the moment somebody walks into ur life.

A father expects good grades from his children. A mother expects good habits from her children. A brother expects support from his sister. A sister expects a strong back from her brother. A friend expects trust from a buddy. A guy expects loyalty from a girl. A girl expects companionship from a guy. A struggling person expects success from life….and the list is never ending….!!!!

There are some moments in life, when u regret expecting good stuff from good people. Its when u have overestimated them. And later it just comes crashing upon u. Shattering the glass image and each shattered piece hits in the heart. When it pains alot and bleeds profusely.

At such a crucial moment…. DO NOT REGRET at all. Its just nobody’s fault. They never knew u expected so much from them. And u never knew that it just wasn’t worth it and won’t work. So control dear control😛

The best solution that can be is to expect in moderation and accept everything with open arms.

Never stop expecting. Because expectations act as a fuel for the working of the engine called relationship. There are only two outcomes….either the person will be able to stand upto ur expectations, and u will know u have got a beautiful gift in ur life….or the person will not fulfill ur expectations, will break your heart, will leave a scope for an angel to turn up in ur life with a band-aid for the broken pieces😜 all u have to do is wait….😉

And….last but not the least. Trust the process. Everything happens for a beautiful reason and will make sense someday.

Believe in urself and never ever regret ur decisions in life. They are what made you what you are today😊

Keep the magic within u alive whatever the condition may be….and never forget that LIFE IS NOT A FAIRYTALE….!!!!


Life Is Not A Fairytale

When we are busy growing up, getting to know the idea of life, playing with toys, getting pampered by lovely parents, toddling around….when each night u sleep mumma tells u a fairy tale, when each time papa gets a fairy tale book for u to read….and all u know is that u are in a fairy tale kindom, king being ur father and queen ur mother, u being the princess and brother being a prince. And everybody is there to listen to ur commands and things will always be ur way. And that one day a prince chaming will turn up riding a horse desperatly searching for his lady love.

Ur given an impression that life is a fairy tale. And in the end every chapter ends with…. They lived happily ever after

But as u continue growing up year after year….realisation gradually dawns upon u….this is not something I had expected from life.

Why is there no beautiful end to every chapter of life? Why is there sadness all around? Why are people unhappy? Why are there no fairies to take away pain and sadness from people? Why expectations always remain unmet? Why are dreams not fulfilled just by waving a wand? Why do people lie and their nose not grow long? Why are tears not turned itno pearls? Why do frogs not turn into handsome princes? Why? Why? Why?

And even despite of a lifetime of search, no body can ever answer ur why’s…..and u are left wondering Why is life so different? Its no fairy tale….!!!!

I dont know what life has in store for me, I am quite young to decide upon that….but definitly I cannot deny that life is uncertain. It brings good times as well as bad. It brings moments of laughter followed by moments of pain. Reality is always different from expectations. Life is full of hardships….life is full of struggle. There are no fairy godmothers who would wave a wand and turn ur sorrows into happiness. Magic does not exist.

We ourselves are our own fairies. We have to create our own fairytales. We are the only ones who can make life magical with our own efforts.

There will be times when you will get upset. U will curse life. U will even want to end everything up when you get fed up with everything. But never forget….despite of the hardships life keeps moving on. Nothing in this world is permanent, not our happiness not even our sorrows.

Just keep moving ahead in life. Have faith in urself. Have faith in ur lord. And never forget everything happens for a very beautiful reason. We may not understand it today but one day u would realise how time gets better with time.

On difficult nights, when ur heart sobs in pain….just close ur eyes, call out for the fairy which lives right there in ur heart….talk to the fairy, tell her ur sorrows, ur pain, ur difficulties…and thats when magic happens. And u will feel it within.

Always remember….listen to ur heart, do what ur heart says, It is the most divine thought. Believe in ur instincts. Never stop hoping. Hope for the best and best happens to you.

Always keep the magic within u alive….!!!! Smile in every situation. It will definitly make sense one day

And last but not the least….smile always. Tears are temporary….they flow away….smile remains….😊 smile for urself. Smile for ur near and dear ones. Smile because smile is contagious. Spread it….!!!!


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton